Seamless Integration with Panel Quote

PTCA has a unique position in the market whereby it has an exclusive integration with Panel Quote – New Zealand’s largest and most popular Business Management System. There are multiple benefits that come from this clever integration.

PTCA’s integration with Panel Quote

Business reports are essential to running any business. As you’ll likely know, the Panel and Paint Refinishing Industry is very complex and this means that producing accurate reports to manage and monitor your business can be a complicated and costly task. However, this is where PTCA is different. Advanced reporting is provided quickly, easily and without the complication or excessive costs.

Why? This is all due to the advanced integration between PTCA and Panel Quote.

Users of Panel Quote can apply to use PTCA services. When these services are in place, PTCA’s integration extracts your business data from Panel Quote and imports it into PTCA’s advanced reports. From there, your data is then presented in easy-to-read reports that allow you to have complete insight into every facet of your business. The management and profit control this gives you is phenomenal.

Additionally, professional and experienced PTCA Chartered Accountants can work with you to evaluate your business performance and offer business mentoring to get the best out of your business.

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