About Panel Trade Chartered Accountants

Panel Trade Chartered Accountants is a small and efficient team offering a personalised and focused service for the Panel Repair and Paint Refinishing Industry, which is second to none.

We offer a specialised accounting and taxation service with an industry specific focus on the Panel Repair and Paint Refinishing Industry. Our services naturally extend to your domestic rental properties, commercial rental properties and family trusts.

Panel Trade Chartered Accountants Principal Darrell Robinson completed an apprenticeship in the Coach and Motor Body Building Industry in the early 1980s, before going on to complete a commerce degree, majoring in accounting, at the University of Canterbury in the early 1990s.

Post that period Darrell spent a considerable amount of time working overseas in various countries as an accountant, before settling into the Chartered Accounting Industry back in New Zealand.

Darrell’s passion is to provide a specialist taxation and accounting service at an unmatched level for business owners within the Panel Repair and Paint Refinishing Industry.

Darrell has assembled a team of highly skilled individuals with specialist expertise and detailed industry specific knowledge who receive overwhelmingly positive support from Panel Trade Chartered Accountants customers.

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